Arborite Update

Acero took over the distribution of Arborite high pressure laminate in March of this year. Arborite is a Wilsonart owned brand and the decors in the Arborite range will be transitioned in the Wilsonart range of laminate that we currently distribute.


Based on information at the time of the transition we decided to retain the Arborite Arctic Ice & Arctic snow. These are available in both the GL (Gloss) and VL (Velvet) finishes with a matching ABS edge.


                                 Arctic Snow                                                                  Arctic Ice


Since the transition we have been talking to our customers and based on the feedback we have received we have decided to bring back three more of the decors that were previously supplied. The decors are Mont Blanc, Saint Laurent Marble and Roman Travertine, they will be all be available in the VL finish and all three will have a matching ABS edge.


The additions to the range will be in stock from the 14th of August, below is an overview of what the overall range will be

Code Décor Finish ABS Edge Match
P394-VL Arctic Snow VL - Velvet Yes
P394-GL Arctic Snow GL – Gloss Yes
P395-VL Arctic Ice VL - Velvet Yes
P395-GL Arctic Ice GL – Gloss Yes
P1009-VL Mont Blanc VL - Velvet Yes
P1008-VL Saint Laurent Marble VL - Velvet Yes
P1004-VL Roman Travertine VL - Velvet Yes